Swift-n-Snug is determined to be the new trend setter in sports and outdoor-exercising accessories. We aim to provide carefully crafted high quality products to aid your exercise routine. With many exciting products lined up, Swift-n-Snug aims to become a household brand, offering superior quality, great value and exceptional customer service. Our first product is a LED Running / Activity Belt. This is being launched to address the needs of a growing number of people who are taking up running/outdoor-activities as part of their daily lifestyle.

One of our founders is a black belt and won the national championship in Tae Kwon Do. In her own words: ​“Like many people, I was not a runner at all. Back in late 80s during my martial arts practice, I always found excuses to skip running. But now being in the suburbs of 40, I realize the benefits of running and have taken up the challenge. I tried many running belts, but wasn’t satisfied with the available choices. I was looking for something really light and trendy, with spacious pockets to carry my necessary belongings, while providing visibility to increase my safety on the road. That is when we established this brand to launch our own belt and the other great products that we have lined up”.

Already our product is making a buzz in the market and has become a popular name amongst the runners and outdoor activity enthusiasts. ​ At Swift-n-Snug we love what we do. Our customers’ satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our friendly and dedicated team is working hard to make your experience memorable. We are always an email away and would be eager to help.